Two Minute Tech - What DOESN'T Count As A Backup

1. If your “backup” requires a person to remember to do it.

2. If your “backup” is just files being drag-and-dropped from one place to another.

3. If your backups don’t follow a logical scheduled pattern so that you know what is backed up and when.

4. If your backup doesn’t do versioning, so that you can see and restore multiple version of the same data.

5. If your backups don’t preserve old data.

6. If your “backup is kept in the same room as the backup source.

7. If there is no catalog of your backup, so that when you need to restore something, you can find it quickly.

8. If your backups contain confidential data - credit cards, banking and identity information - but the backups are not encrypted and anyone who has them can read them.

9. If you’ve never tried doing a full restore - a restore drill - to see if the backup even works.

10. If you depend on specific applications installed on a particular machine - not just data - but you don’t only have backups of the data.