• Metamorphosis IT is about the “IT as a resource” or “On-demand IT” model.

    This is the way IT services are provided within organizations; charities, corporations, government agencies, and other large groupings of users. We bring the best methods, practices and tools of organizational IT, and deliver them to everyone, small businesses and home users alike. This is an entirely different model of the relationship between IT services providers and their customers from the break/fix model most people are familiar with, in which you only talk to technology services professionals when something isn’t working.
  • Metamorphosis IT is about taking responsibility for every aspect of the technological tools that we provide you.

    That means we find, test, deploy, manage, and support the best tools to accomplish whatever you tell us you want to accomplish.
  • Metamorphosis IT is about end-to-end responsibility for the technology you use. Our responsibility doesn’t end at the provisioning of tools.

    If you are not sure which tool we’ve provided is the right one for a task, assisting you in making that determination is our job too. In fact, if you are not aware if a tool exists to accomplish the task, it’s STILL our job to find it and suggest it.
  • Metamorphosis IT is about serving you as experts, offering suggestions when technology offers solutions to challenges you face, even before you ask.

    We are there to provide for your productivity needs by empowering you to do what you do best - and leave the technology to us.
  • Metamorphosis IT is about taking a proactive approach to your technology products and services.

    To make sure that we don’t miss incipient problems, we actively monitor everything practical. As much as possible, we set things up so that when - not if - things break, or go offline, devices and systems notify us themselves that something is wrong, just like in enterprise IT environments. We don’t want to have to wait for you to tell us when things aren’t working right, and we’ll have a plan in place, in advance, to restore your services and get you back up and working as quickly as possible.
  • Metamorphosis IT is about a further dimension of proactivity: we’re always looking for things that can be functionally improved.

    If there’s a way to save you five minutes here or ten minutes there, we want to find it, and we’re always looking.
  • Metamorphosis IT is about taking the “jargon intimidation” out of discussions of technology.

    It is not fair or reasonable to expect nontechnical people to know exactly the right way to phrase their questions to us about what they need. Users can’t be expected to know what to ask IT professionals for if they don’t even know what the technology they use is capable of doing, and most people know only the capabilities they already use. You don’t have to speak tech. We do, so it’s our job to be your translators.
  • Metamorphosis IT is about employing our expertise about technology to chart a course for you that reaches from your desired outcomes back to where you currently are.

    We’re about getting you the technology products and services you need without having to know what they are or how to describe them or what magic words to use when asking.
  • Metamorphosis IT is most importantly about offering you the ability to come to us and say “this is what our outcome needs to look like” and have us handle everything about how to get there.



    With more than 25 years of experience repairing and maintaining machines, our technical experts have you covered. Support can be provided on-site or remotely to fit in with your busy schedule.

    We have extensive experience with setting up & configuring networks for a wide range of clients. Our services can range from simply selecting a provider to setting up complex secure networks accessible from multiple locations and devices.

    With so much technology on the market it can be difficult to know which tools are the best for you. Our technical experts will get to know your specific goals and will make recommendations based on your individual skill level and needs.

    We are the experts so you don't have to be. Technical training can be performed on-site or remotely, with our clients ranging from retired persons wishing to be more tech-literate to organizations overhauling their workflow.

    Imagine having all of your machines and devices synced to one central network in your house, so that you can access all of your media, software, and documents from any device, at any time, with no added effort. Add automated backups to the mix and you've got the coolest house on the block.

    There really is no limit to what you can do with the right technology. All you need to know is your desired outcome and we can handle the rest!

Remote technical support available!

Remote support can be a good option for those who have an urgent technical issue or those who do not wish to have anyone in their home. Remote support involves using secure software to allow one of our technical experts to connect to your machine over the internet. This software will grant you complete control over who can access your machine and when, and you can observe the work being done on your computer screen.

If this is something you would be interested in, please download the appropriate software by clicking on one of the icons below and then get in touch so we can schedule an appointment!

Download Software: Mac Windows Linux


  • 1 - You schedule a consult, either on-site or remote. One of our technical experts will have a one-to-one conversation with you to really get to know your desired outcomes, current set-up, experience level, budgetary limits, and needs. This information will shape the direction of the evaluation to follow.
  • 2 - We evaluate your current set-up & needs. If applicable, we will do a comprehensive analysis of your current hardware, software, and security to see what changes can be made to boost your productivity. We may even watch you complete your daily tasks to see where improvements can be made.
  • 3 - You tell us what you want & we make it happen. You tell us which work you would like done and we make it happen! We will only do work that you have approved in advance, and (once done) we will provide all the training you need to ensure that you are comfortable with your new set-up.


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